Monday, 30 May 2011

Find out:

- what is first-chance and last chance exception?

- why does the Working Set/Mem usage on Task Manager value drops considerably when you minimize the application?

- what are good books on debugging windows?

- Other than breakpoints, how can you use Visual Studio for debugging applications?

- What are .pdb files? If we distribute an application in Release mode and with the .pdb files will it help in any way? Or How do we get the line no. of code when we distribute applications in Release mode?

- paged pool, non-paged pool of a process

- why is Obj folder created when you build a project? what is its purpose and why is it not distributed along with application?

- allocated , committed, reserved memory - what is the difference?

- How do you create installer for a windows service project?
- just create a windows setup project and add its output??

C# Reactive Extensions - Buffer and Window

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