TO DO for WPF exam

- data binding to a collection in listbox [DONE]
    : use data  template [DONE]
- binding to DataGrid [DONE]
- binding to TreeView (hierarchical data) [DONE]
- CollectionViewSource examples
- implement class using INotifyPropertyChanged interface  [DONE]
- implement one using Dependency properties
- create simple notepad-like project to test out Commands like open, save, cut etc.
- create your own custom command, where do you use commands, under what scenarios?  [DONE]
- create control using ControlTemplate
- create a user control  [DONE]
- create custom control
- animation
- WPF test strategy (ButtonPeer etc.)
- using Intelli trace
- ClickOnce deployment test
- WPF Visualizer
- WebBrowser control to show web content, also you can use Frame control
- Calendar control
- MVVM sample  [DONE]

-> If time:

- 3D, 2D


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