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Uninstall problems – solved by Microsoft Fixit

Many times, I think very frequently, we face problem with uninstalling a software. This happens on our development machine where we many times install/uninstall software, sometimes clearing the local MSI cache, uninstalling patches and of course registry corruption – all making it a nightmare when we simply want to uninstall by going to Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs.

Now here is one thing that can help:

Microsoft Fix It:

Also a link from Apple:

Recently we had an issue with uninstalling a software which was looking for MSI file and telling “The feature you are trying to install is on a network resource that is unavailable”. We ran this tool and it fixed the registry. The software causing the problem is no longer listed in the “Installed Programs” list in Add/Remove Programs.

Screenshots from the tool:
Edit: Clicking ‘Accept’ in the screenshot above actually downloads the tool and at times …

Blog Statistics

Image crosses 5,000 page views. Very happy and thank you making those visits! :-)

Microsoft’s patent application for cloud compilation

This is a link which will take you to the patent application from Microsoft for its new compilation in the cloud service for Windows Phone 8 apps.

It’s for the first time that I am reading a patent application. I never knew the technical details given were so exhaustive and in-depth. In fact it could be turned into a book.

More details: analyzes .NET 4.5 link above will take you to a blog post from Windows Server team. recently migrated to Windows Server 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5. I like the way they use performance counters to monitor their application. The Event Tracing for Windows mechanism also looks promising.

The runtime improvements in .NET 4.5 can be found here: link

Finally .NET boots out Windows XP

.NET 4.0 required XP with SP3 and now .NET 4.5 doesn’t support it at all.
So it’s build once and run only on last two released operating systems - Vista and Win 7 :-)

ASP.NET MVC Certification

So finally we have a certification on ASP.NET MVC. Microsoft recently released this exam 70-486:

I plan to clear it by December 2012 and now there is second shot offer too from Prometric. Here is what I am watching to refresh things a little bit -

Second shot link -

Platform Guidance from Telerik

Telerik recently published a platform guidance for programmers working on Microsoft technology. It's worth a look:

In short: for the desktop it is WPF, for Win 8 Xaml/C# and for rest ASP.NET MVC.

Although the cloud (Azure) is missing, the choices are quite simple for a Microsoft developer these days :-)

UI: Good setup interface

Metro Studio is one of the coolest application I have seen with the coolest UI interfaces.

Check out its setup interface:

And the application:

70-511 Windows App Dev Certification

Happy to share that I have cleared the exam for the - 70-511 TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 - certification.

The exam is a tough one covering almost all the topics with sufficient depth.

How did I prepare?
- I took a hard look at the 'skills measured' or the exam objectives to find out what I knew well and what I didn't.
- Bought these two books:

WPF 4 Unleashed and MSPress Self-Paced Training Kit

- WPF Unleashed I basically read almost from cover to cover, except few topics like 3D and easing functions (3d is not in exam but easing function is, I just didn't have time in the end to cover easing functions)
- MSPress book also I went through all chapters.
- But these things would not matter if you don't have experience of at least 1.5-2 years of developing real world WPF applications.

I have certainly gained a deep understanding of the technology and appreciate it a lot more now. There are few things that I did not know, …

WPF: View Model Communication

Recently we had a requirement in our project to establish communication between two view models.The user interface design and their data context values:

The ‘User Control 1” (UC1) has a grid showing the list of business products and ‘User Control 2’ (UC2) a grid with categories of products. The categories and products can be added/removed/changed by the user.We had a business case that – if the category is removed by the user on UC2 then what should happen to the products on UC1 which are using that category? It was decided to delete those products and it should happen automatically – that is the deletion of category should trigger the deletion of product from the list.The model contains the observable collection of Products and Categories and bound to the grids on the UI. The categories are deleted with the help of button in one of the columns, this button is connected to a DeleteCommand in the UC2 view model which deletes the selected category from the list.So how can we “do somethin…

XAML Guidelines

WPF: Customizing ComboBox