Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Slow TFS Performance

Recently the build time of one of our core projects on CruiseControl build server increased substantially. It went from ~8 min to ~20 min.

Upon investigation we found that the "get latest" step by CruiseControl was the bottleneck. I was also facing this problem in Visual Studio 2008, the IDE would hang for about a minute or two when ever get latest was issued. I thought the problem is with VS - probably the general (bad) impression of VS led me to this conclusion. But it was wrong to assume, the problem was with the TFS and how we map the several projects to our local folder.

We removed all unnecessary workspace mappings and also the root mapping. Now there is no local folder mapped for $. And the results are too good. Accessing TFS has become faster and overall performance of Visual Studio 2008 has also improved a lot.

Links which helped:
and the original source:

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