Programming Windows - 6th Edition

I still remember reading Programming Windows 5th edition in our college. The book was very thorough and gave a nice introduction to all the Windows programming concepts, although we were more interested in API we could use to get the password text on a window or hacking the key strokes ;-)

But it's been a long time. That was the PC era. Now we have tablets and mobile ruling our lives. New toys for new era. And so we have a new book from our guru Charlez Petzold on how to program these toys.

What is interesting about book's offer it is only $10, but the book is not yet finished yet - only 7 chapters. Windows 8 is still under consumer preview - and so I think the book is following the release cycle of Windows 8. We live in interesting times.

I am buying this book, are you? Link to buy

Edit: Well I just bought it.


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