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Python 101 - Part 1


Python Enhancements Proposal (guidelines) PEP 8: Style Guide For Python Code PEP 20: Zen of Python


Used to mark blocks, curly braces no longer needed Recommendation is to use 4 spaces for indentation, be consistent and not to mix spaces with tabs


- Use modules available in Python
e.g.: import math
After importing use the module name to call functions:
math.sqrt(5) math.factorial(5)
from math import factorial -> factorial(5) # avoid using math from math import factorial as fac -> fac(5) #shorter name

Help (in REPL cmd)

- Get help on a module help(math)
- Get help on a function help(math.sqrt) help(math.factorial)

int, float

int(10), int(10.2), int(“10”)
float(10), float(10.2), float(“10.2”)

float(“nan”) # not a number float(“inf”) # infinity

Passed CFA Level 2

Now on to CFA Level 2 - June 3rd 2017.

I really love this period of preparing for something worthwhile - which requires your full dedication, focus and attention. It's almost as if you become one with your goal.

Edit [26-July-2017]:
And I cleared it !